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Mayberry Presbyterian Church Mayberry Presbyterian Church

Worship Worship

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What to Expect at Our Worship Service

We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 a.m. to offer praise and share God's love with each other.  You will want to come early, for people arrive well before worship begins so they can share fellowship.  You will find yourself among a community of believers warmly greeting each other and you.

Our typical service begins with reminders of upcoming congregtional activities and community service opportunities.  Our Pastor shares prayer concers and children hear a message of God's love just for them.  Our worship begins and ends with music.  We join in prayer and praise, hear God's word, seek and receive forgiveness for our sins, and leave knowing that God will be with us as we go into His world to be a blessing to others.

Greetings and Assistance

As you enter our church, the greeter will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We invite you to sign our guest register in the narthex .  Large-print bulletins and hymnals are available.  For those with hearing difficulty, headsets are available from the greeters.  You are encouraged to sit wherever you like.

 What to Wear

Appropriate dress is whatever you are comfortable wearing.  Typical attire ranges from neat casual to suits.

 Children in Worship

Children are most welcome in our worship services.  We have a special children’s message at the beginning of each service, where children are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for a brief message prepared just for them.  Children remain in the sanctuary through the remainder of the service.

Creeds and Prayers

As part of the initial prayer in each service, our minister leads us in the Lord’s Prayer (debts/debtors)  Later in the service, we recite the Apostles’ Creed, printed on the back of the bulletin.