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Mayberry Presbyterian Church Mayberry Presbyterian Church

Leadership Leadership

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    • Stewart L. Childress, Pastor

      Stewart Childress serves as the Pastor for both Mayberry and Bluemont Presbyterian Churches.  He is strongly connected to both of these churches since his grandfather, Reverend Bob Childress, Sr., and his father, Reverend Bob Childress, Jr. served these churches as well.  Stewart is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and received his Masters of Divinity from Union Seminary.  Stewart’s sermons are intriguing and thoughtful, taking the scriptural text to clear, understandable levels.  He is constantly visiting those who are ill, lonely, travelling a tough road, or in need of spiritual counseling.  He actively represents our church within the Presbytery and recently  traveled to Kenya on a mission trip.  Stewart and his wife, Vickie, reside in Ararat, VA. They have three children and two grandchildren.



    • Joey Wester, Director of Music


Church Officers

Church Treasurer - Martha Nyquist

Ruling Elders

All Presbyterian churches are led by a council of men and women elected by the congregation and installed for three-year terms.  These leaders are ordained as Ruling Elders and they are responsible for the day to-day operations of the church.  They receive training on church history, polity and the Confessions.  Upon being installed they take vows that are identical to the vows taken by pastors (Teaching Elders).  The practice of ordaining laypeople to lead the church at all levels of church government is what distinguishes Presbyterians:  In the New Testament the word for elder is presbuteros (πρεσβύτερος).

Our current Ruling Elders are:

Susan Bean, Clerk of Session
Larry Betts
Richard Conner
Mike Nyquist

Monica Morgan